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Fearless Love

When her brother told people from the village that he was a follower of Jesus Christ, they began persecuting him for his faith. Pia* and her brother are from a people group in Southeast Asia that violently oppose the Gospel.

Their mother was so appalled at the thought of her son being a Christian that she hired a man to shoot Pia’s brother, and he eventually died.

Pia had to move to the Middle East for work shortly before the death of her brother. She had become a follower of Christ as well, thanks to the Christian witness of her brother. It was difficult for Pia to be in a foreign country, away from her friends and family back home. She faced many hardships but was able to stay faithful to Jesus even though she had no Bible and no fellowship because she knew no other followers of Jesus Christ. After four years of working in the Middle East, Pia was able to get a Bible. She faithfully shared the stories that she read about Jesus to other overseas foreign workers. But she longed to return home and share her faith with her family.

Pia eventually came home and started meeting secretly with Filipino workers who are discipling and training her. Recently, she received a threat from a religious leader that she needs to stop reading the Bible or she will be killed. Despite the dangers, Pia fearlessly shared the Gospel with her mother and brothers. By God’s grace, her mother has responded to the Good News of Jesus Christ and has been baptized. Her brothers have also come to follow Jesus. Pia has even witnessed to her father, who is a religious leader. Pia’s bold witness for the Lord is opening doors and He is being glorified among this resistant people group in Southeast Asia.

-Written by Becky Martin, TEAM missionary in the Philippines

*not her real name

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